Daffodil has made a long-term commitment to achieve excellence in ICT, education, and services. In respect, Daffodil Computers Ltd has worked hard over the last several years to become the country's number one ICT conglomerate and simultaneously prime education provider of the country. Daffodils will represent the image of the country and will carry the national flag all over the world. Daffodil will make a revolution in the ICT sector and this is the commitment to the nation. Daffodil has been working to provide Total ICT Solutions. Another great innovation of Daffodil Computers Ltd. is Kiosk. With the mission to deliver great ICT services and results through our people- to achieve leadership in the ICT markets through the constant pursuit, in association with the clients and partners, of superior levels of service, efficiency, and quality, Daffodil Computers Ltd is going to introduce the Kiosk idea in Bangladesh.

In today’s busy world, kiosk machines and mall kiosks are growing increasingly popular. The kiosk concept is new in Bangladesh. Recently some of our corporate and financial sectors started Kiosk to provide customer services. But they are focusing only on their own products and services. Our Kiosk will be petty different from that. The kiosk will include so many features where people can able to find all about product information, search for jobs, look at daily newspapers, self-ordering in restaurants, healthcare screening statistics, and much more across a variety of segments including retail, business, travel/tourism, communications, financial, government, transportation, entertainment, Medicare and other sectors. It will be a portable and independent stand from which merchandise is sold, often placed in the common area of a shopping mall, railway station, bus stand, bazaar, or any crowded area. It can be placed in any suitable urban or remotest rural area where a net facility is available. We are designing our Kiosk model in such a way that a person can open his or her own retail store or business by using a kiosk and avoid paying large amounts of overhead or high rental fees.

Daffodil Computers Limited has decided to establish a Kiosk center in all districts, towns, and even in the remotest parts of the country where people can get access their necessary services with less payment or without any payment. In the Kiosk center, people can get information to make their life easy and better. People from all professions can be benefited from the Kiosk center. Community people can get their necessary services from Kiosk twelve to sixteen hours a day, seven days a week.