Smart Business 24 (Business Management Software)

Smart Business 24 (Integrated Business Management Software):

Smart Business 24 is an innovative, flexible, cost-effective business management software that helps users to perform day-to-day operations smartly with error-free.

It is the best business management software in Bangladesh which ensures proper transformation of business process, enabling the users to save time, increase the productivity of the business, minimize the costs of operation, and maximize their return on investment. This software plays a vital role in achieving customer satisfaction and owner gratification through overall effective service and performance.

Smart Business 24 comprises a host of Integrated functionality including Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Accounting, POS, Manufacturing & Material Management, Distribution Management, Supplier, Human Resource Management, Financial Management that minimizes time, cost, effort, confusion, and pain of manual works. This software is used for start-up companies, Small and Medium (SME) as well as large organizations. Daffodil Computers Ltd., the best IT and software company in Bangladesh, is offering this extraordinary software with the following’s modules:

Modules of Smart Business 24:

Ø   Analytical Dashboard 

Ø   Accounts Management

Ø   Sales Management

Ø   Purchase Management

Ø   Inventory Management

Ø   Manufacturing Management 

Ø   Point of Sale (POS)

Ø   Human Recourses Management

Ø   Management Information System 

Ø   Loans & Advance

Ø   Customer Relation Management 

Ø   Project Management 

Ø   Vehicle Tracking Management

Ø   Documents Management

Ø   Email Marketing

Ø   Integrated Website

Ø   eCommerce website

Ø   Chatbot

Ø   Announcements

Ø   Reminder

Ø   Contacts 

Ø   Calendar

Ø   Events Management and many more…

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